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Doctor's Profile

Dr. Revathy

MBBS, MD (Gynecology)

(Saturday to Thursday)

    • Department: Gynecology
    • Experience: 20+ years
    • Specialty: Obstetrics Gynecology and Infertility

Dr. Revathy

Dr. Revathi Ravikumar is a specialist in Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Infertility with more than 20 years of clinical experience across India and Kuwait. In Kuwait, for the last 7 years, she has worked in Shifa al Jazeera, German Medical Care, and presently in Royal City Clinic. She graduated from the esteemed Madras Medical College and further completed her Masters in OBGYN from the Diplomate National Board New Delhi, in 1996. She has undergone numerous training sessions in Infertility from Mumbai and London. She regularly attends conferences and CMEs, both local and international, and is updated in the modern management of OBGYN and infertility. In India, she has also previously worked in Chennai and Mumbai as a visiting consultant in leading corporate hospitals. She also served as an honorary surgeon OBGYN in the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) Chennai, a part of Southern Railways Hospital, for 2 years. Furthermore, she is quite academically oriented and has presented multiple papers in India.

Areas of Expertise:

• Pregnancy
• High-risk pregnancy (thyroid disorders, diabetes in pregnancy, hypertension, IUGR, etc.)
• Recurrent abortions
• Bleeding disorders /DUB
• Vaginitis /PID
• Infertility: Male and Female, work up and treatment.
• Contraception /copper T
• Menopause and perimenopausal problems
• Pap Smear/HPV testing and vaccine/cryocautery of the cervix.
• Ultrasound: Pregnancy and gynecology
• Adolescent clinic.
• Obesity
• Pre-pregnancy counseling/downs screening

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