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Doctor's Profile

Dr. Akshara


(Saturday to Thursday)

    • Department: Dentist
    • Experience: 5+ years
    • Specialty: Periodontics

Dr. Akshara

Dr. Akshara is our dentist, and she has specialized in Periodontics. She completed her BDS from Sri Ramachandra University in Chennai, and MDS from NITTE University, in Karnataka.
During her post-graduation and work tenure in India, she has done complex periodontal treatments and surgeries to prevent the progression of periodontal diseases and preserve and restore the tooth and supporting structures. Her objective has always been in rendering the best treatment for a healthier smile, but she also believes in educating patients on proper dental care and the implementation of regular checkups.

Areas of Expertise:

• Clinical diagnosis and treatment planning in adult and pediatric patients
• Soft tissue management
• Oral prophylaxis
• Tooth extractions
• General, restorative procedures
• Root canal treatment
• Minor surgical procedures such as abscess drainage, operculectomy, frenectomy
• Procedures in aesthetic dentistry such as depigmentation, crown lengthening, gingivectomy, and genioplasty.
• Open flap debridement
• Interdisciplinary treatment whenever necessary

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