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Doctor's Profile

Dr. Reena Joseph


(Saturday to Thursday) 

    • Department: Dentist
    • Experience: 10+ years
    • Specialty: Advance Dentistry

Dr. Reena Joseph

Areas of Expertise

  • Smile Designing [including smile analysis and treatment in co-ordination with a cosmetic skin specialist
  • Teeth Whitening [both in-office and home bleaching
  • Tooth-colored fillings [including composite fillings
  • Cosmetic recontouring of teeth
  • Veneering[including Lumineers
  • Single sitting Root canal Treatment [in all clinically possible cases
  • Crown and Bridges [including all types of metal-free ceramic restorations
  • Gingival[gum] Depigmentation
  • Inlays and Onlays
  • All routine dental treatments including tooth extractions, scaling [cleaning of teeth], pediatric dental treatments, etc.
  • Online and offline consultation with concerned specialists [from our panel] in cases where a multidisciplinary approach is needed.

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