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Doctor's Profile

Dr. Mohammed Asif

MBBS, PG Diploma in Diabetes (UK), (MRCS – UK)

(Saturday to Thursday) 

    • Department: General Physician
    • Experience: 15+ years
    • Specialty: Diabetes and Thyroid disorders

Dr. Mohammed Asif

Graduated from Mysore University and with a post-graduation diploma in Diabetes from University of Leicester UK, Dr. Asif has abundance of experience in various surgical and medical subspecialties from Indian and international medical centers such as:

    • Century hospital in Kerala,
    • Johns hospital in Bangalore
    • Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in UK
    • Blackpool general hospital in UK
    • International Clinic, Kuwait

Dr. Asif was member of General Medical council, UK and has also worked in the Diabetes and endocrine, Renal Unit is GC hospital, Queensland, Australia. Having nearly 15 years of diverse experience in management of medical and surgical conditions, Dr. Asif is a qualified specialist general physician who always wishes to deliver quality health care to his patients.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Diabetes and Thyroid disorders
  • Headache, Stress and minor neurological conditions (Diabetic neuropathy)
  • Heart (angina), Blood pressure, Cholesterol and Liver disorders
  • Minor ENT and Chest infections ( Pneumonia, Asthma and COPD)
  • Gastric ulcer, GERD, Gastroenteritis, Anaemia and Vitamin deficiencies
  • Urogenital disorders (Renal stone, prostate, ED and UTI)
  • Minor cut injuries and wounds (Diabetic foot)
  • Musculoskeletal disorders such as low back pain, injuries, sprains, arthritis, Gout (uric acid)
  • Minor general Pediatric infections
  • Allergies and minor skin conditions
  • Advise and counseling on occupational health
  • Advise on preventive checkup, routine and travel vaccinations

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